Learn English online with English MC Language Coaching. (562) 268-8331 today and get started with English MC Language Coaching. English MC is an online English language company that specialises in one to one coaching. We design a personal programme for each student. Courses can be given to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. You can get more confident with your English, Spanish or French starting today.



With students on all continents English MC Language Coaching is a highly regarded provider of customized language training. We specialize in English language coaching, but we also offer personal training in French and Spanish. If you need other language related services, (translations, localization, etc.), please contact us directly for a quote. 





English MC Language Coaching means:

  1. More than 15 years’ experience in language training.
  2. Only highly qualified and well experienced trainers.
  3. Trainers who listen to you and adapt to your needs.
  4. The most personalised training you can get.
  5. The best value for money you can get for professional training.
  6. A friendly family sized team.
  7. Quality more than quantity.
  8. Training when you want and where you want.
  9. Quickly getting more confident when you talk.
  10. A free trial session to talk about your needs and how we can help you.



As trainers and language specialists we have worked for the following companies and institutions:  

MEDEF International (#1 French Business Confederation). Douanes Françaises de Bogotá (French Customs). UN Environment Programme (United Nations). Musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Genève (Modern Art Museum Geneva). Institut International des Droits de l’Enfant (Children’s Rights NGO, Switzerland). Geneva Film Festival (Switzerland). The Handmade Cake Company (Food and Beverages, UK). Wijngoed Monteberg (Winemaking, Belgium). Eduforest (Forestry). Ferroworld (Railways). Iberdrola (Real estate). BBVA (Banking). The Volkswagen Group (Car Industry). Ferrovial (Engineering). Hisdesat (Satellite Communications). Fiamm (Power Solutions). ProStrakan (Pharmaceuticals). SEPLA (Airline Pilots, Spain). Universidad Casa Grande (Private University, Ecuador). Alliance Française (French equivalent to the British Council). Chambre de Commerce de Montpellier (Chamber of Commerce), Sonos, Google, Snoozebaby, Soralys, Steragas.




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